Shadow Sadness' original title screen.

Parallell reality, somewhere between cycle 3 and 4. Link for the game at RpgMaker Network

"Oh, the title is a parody to PSX title, Shadow Madness. Off to the game: It revolves around the protagonist, Raphael, of wich has been raised by his village since his parents died, 14 years ago. His dad suffered from a pretty regular death, but soon after his mother died. No one, though, remembers how, and her spirit still wanders. Raphael then searches for a way to recover her last memory and sucessfully dispatch her.

Defining the game:

  • Oldschool graphics + Handdrawn cutscenes (wich create a nice contrast with the non-cutscene graphics)
  • Frontview edit of the DBS
  • rune magic system revolving on mastering and combining certain runes (though that's not yet even planned, in contrast with the rest of the system wich is almost 100% done)
  • A dark, dangerous and cold world, where not even plants are green anymore -Tragic, yet charmy and varied characters. There's no such a thing as an "npc", I give equal care to each "npc", making them effectively characters. Wich leads to -Small world. The planet is small, very small actually. Leading to small towns, small ammount of towns, small continents, small everything.
  • Focus on delicate relationships between characters, as well. Well, I guess there isn't much more to say without spoiling it."