Subseries comprised of the Cycle3 of the Loop.

Off all the games and comics planned to be worked on this, the only surviving one is the official Project ROSE game entry at RPGmaker.NET. It's description states as follows:

"My first game, and as of so, It's just for sort of testing purposes. But I'm attempting a full-fledged game here. So... A story Overview: (Still in development) You are a girl, Rose. You are in your first day of school, and this school is really different from previous schools you already studied at. People start to go nuts, a strange porphet sometimes speech random things wich - sometimes - happen, and there seems to be something really weird going on there. Rose, Misery and a (still in development) cast of variated characters from different ethnics, ideals, sexuality, etc (Yes, I want to scream a huge message within this game. Wait'n see...)and, of course, skills. Overview of the two main characters: Rose : Age:15 Weapons: Whips, Some swords, Guns and most wands/rods. (She's not very good at any of these in the beginning, tough) Starsign: Libra/Pisces (Ascendant) Element: Wind Beggining magic : Heal Beginning Skill : First Aid Personality: Silent, generally sad, tough sometimes gets a weird endorphin boost and becomes all-happy. Huge creativity, easily interested in things other people consider "old". Also, highly attatched to the past. Misery : Age:16 Weapons: Most swords, some both-handed swords, Guns and some rods. (Again,She's not very good at any of these in the beginning.) Element: Fire/Earth Starsign: Leo/Leo (Ascendant) Beggining magic : Blind Beginning Skill : Cheer Power Personality: Sadistical, extroverted and somewhat sad-feeling, tough is extremely happy-go-lucky in the inside. Hates squirrels.