One of the main characters for the ProjectROSE cycle.

Her ProjectROSE2010 description states as follows:

Misery's Deafult Speech on the Lost Version of ProjectROSE. She was used to test the Custom Message System at the time.

"Age:16 Weapons: Most swords, some both-handed swords, Guns and some rods. (Again,She's not very good at any of these in the beginning.) Element: Fire/Earth Starsign: Leo/Leo (Ascendant) Beggining magic : Blind Beginning Skill : Cheer Power

Personality: Sadistical, extroverted and somewhat sad-feeling, tough is extremely happy-go-lucky in the inside. Hates squirrels."
Ninnie by JosephSeraph

Concept art for ProjectROSE.

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Mahou Shoujo Misery

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mahou shoujo misery