In-game screenshot of Charlotte.

Charlotte at RpgMaker Network


Charlotte is a game in development using the Rpg Maker

a procedually generated dungeon in Charlotte.

VX Ace engine, used as a test game to the RM2kHD graphics.


Very intense in dungeon crawling, the gameplay consists of traversing through dungeons while collecting different sorts of loot that can be sold for new items. The dungeons themselves play as roguelike dungeons do, thanks to Saba-Kan's random dungeon generator script.


Carolyne , the court sorceress of the Fire Kingdom, is sent to rescue prince Aleksandr, since he has disappeared. 


The world is divided in five main continents, while one of them is largely unexplored. Continents are divided by the elemental kingdoms, each in posession of a powerful elemental crystal that governs the geographic and natural formations of their respective continents.


The game is mainly inspired by Final Fantasy V  and XII, and Azure Dreams.

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